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If you have tile breakage, or cracks that denote impending damage, you likely are searching for repair solutions.

The first time you notice a hairline crack in your tile, you might only make a mental note of it without immediately addressing it.  After all, if the tile is not totally broken out, it isn’t yet cause for concern…right?  Well, not so much.  Depending on where the damage is, it might be more or less alarming than if it were in another area.  For instance, a cracked shower tile will catch your attention faster than a broken backsplash tile.  This is because tile breakage in showers can result in water leaking to the structure beneath.  However, this does not mean that broken tiles in any area of your home should not be addressed.  What types of breakage should you be worried about?

1.  When is it time to address tile repair?

As we mentioned above, you might feel inclined to put off tile repair that exists in a low-impact area, such as a kitchen backsplash.  Even if the damage exists in an area like this, you should at least call on a professional tile repair company to look at it.  The Grout Medic of Dallas-Fort Worth offers in-home tile repair consultations, during which our expert technicians scrutinize the entire tiled surface to diagnose potentially obscured issues and recommend solutions.

2.   Can you repair a tile that has completely broken out?

Yes, if a tile has broken loose from any surface, it can be repaired if all the pieces remain.  This is especially important if you can no longer purchase the tile.  The Grout Medic offers this type of specialized tile repair in Dallas Fort Worth.  Our highly-trained and experienced technicians will meticulously put the tile pieces back in place to restore the entire surface.  If you have extra tiles from your original project, we can install a new tile in place of the broken one.

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3.  What if the broken tile has caused grout damage around the area?

Many times, tile damage results in broken grout around the adjoining tiles.  When one area of a tiled surface is disrupted, there could be even more damage that the untrained eye cannot detect.  This could be not only grout damage, but also loosened tiles throughout the area.  The good news is that The Grout Medic of Dallas-Fort Worth’s technicians will thoroughly inspect the whole surface for residual damage.  If further issues are present, we can replace loosened tiles and repair all areas of damaged grout, all while repairing your broken tile.

4.  Can I repair my tile instead of hiring someone?

In our vast experience in tile repair in Dallas Fort Worth, DIY projects often do not produce stellar results.  The Grout Medic receives many telephone calls to address failed attempts at repairing tile and grout.  For the best results, we recommend hiring a licensed and insured home improvement contractor, who specializes in repairing tile.

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