Can poor grout cause water leaks?

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If you are a homeowner, who has never experienced a water leak in one form or fashion, count yourself fortunate.  From the roof to the floor, there is plenty of potential for leaks to occur.  What about your grout?  Can water leak behind it?

If you have ever been in your home’s basement or crawl space, and noticed moisture, you can attest to the fear and worry attached to that discovery.  Is it coming from the plumbing inside the walls?  Is it seeping in from the ground or foundation of your home?  Is it simply too humid for your crawl space to be left without a dehumidifier?  Many homeowners will suspect a toilet leak if it’s beneath the bathroom.  At The Grout Medic of Dallas-Fort Worth, we know that water could be coming from your shower or bath, because of poor grout.  Grout’s age is of no consequence.  If it is poorly applied or just an inadequate mixture, it can cause water leaks.

Regrouting Dallas-Fort Worth: Because Poor Grout Can Lead to Water Leaks

No matter the age of your tiled surface, your grout could be the culprit of the unwanted water seepage beneath your shower or bath.  Take a good look at every grout line.  Even the smallest chips or separation could set you up for eventual water damage and microbial growth.  Whether that microbial environment is inside your home or beneath it, it is extremely unhealthy and must be addressed at the source.  A proper grout application will help protect your home from nasty water leaks.  If this means replacing the old grout with new grout, we have great news.  The Grout Medic offers regrouting in Dallas-Fort Worth, for a beautiful and home-healthy finish!

Additional Protection for Your Regouting in Dallas-Fort Worth

The Grout Medic of Dallas-Fort Worth offers an added layer of protection for your regrouting project.  To embolden your shower’s watertightness, we offer a penetrating grout sealer.  Our professional grade grout sealant is formulated to seep inside the pores of your grout to create a barrier between the area behind your tile and the water inside your shower.  This simple step offers protection without changing the appearance of your grout – your grout color and sheen will remain the same after the penetrating grout sealer dries.


Are you afraid your poor grout application is allowing water leaks? Our professional regrouting Dallas-Fort Worth will help you protect your home from potential water damage. Contact The Grout Medic of Dallas-Fort Worth for your obligation-free evaluation.  Call 214-494-8749, or email

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