Is it worth regrouting tiles?

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If you are noticing that your grout is nearing its natural end, you might be wondering if your tile is worth regrouting.

The Grout Medic of Dallas-Fort Worth receives many questions about our professional regrouting service.  There is a lot to consider when you reach the crossroads of replacing your tile versus regrouting and keeping your tile.  If you are at that very juncture, we are here to help you decide if regrouting in Dallas-Fort Worth is right for you!

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When is it worth regrouting tiles?

This might seem obvious, but regrouting is a great solution if you want to keep your tile.  Tile is one of the materials we use in our homes, which allows us to artistically express ourselves.  If you have a vintage style or color, a specialty installation, or a material that is no longer available for purchase, you will prefer regrouting over re-tiling.

Another reason that clients choose regrouting in Dallas-Fort Worth, is to save the overall hassle of a full-scale tile project.  The time it takes to choose new tile and schedule a full-tile renovation is more than some home and business owners can spare.  Money is also a concern when it comes to re-tiling a room or multiple rooms.  You must factor in the cost of new materials, and much more labor than with a typical regrouting project.  If you choose The Grout Medic of Dallas-Fort Worth for your tile regrouting, we can have your project done in one day’s time.  That is an invaluable to some clients!

When is it not worth regrouting tiles?

If you have broken tiles, which can be purchased new, The Grout Medic of Dallas-Fort Worth offers tile replacement that can be done in conjunction with a regrouting project.  If there is excessive tile damage, with many broken tiles, which cannot be replace anew, regrouting will not be worth it.  This is especially important if your tile is in a tub/shower, where breakage can lead to water damage.  That is a scenario you want to avoid, rather than attempt to put off with a short-term repair solution.

Another scenario, where homeowners jump at the opportunity to fully replace their tile once the grout has fallen into disrepair, is when they are itching to replace their tile anyway.  While it is true that we can achieve an all-new aesthetic by regrouting with a new grout color, some folks are just tired of looking at their outdated or ugly tile.  If you really loathe the color or style of tile you have, and your grout requires replacing, this is the time for you to finally take the leap into a total tile replacement project.

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