Kick Harsh Grout Cleaning Products to the Curb

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If we were to peek beneath your kitchen sink or inside your utility closet, how many cleaning products would we find?  How many of those are dedicated to cleaning your grout and tile?

There is a seemingly endless variety of store-bought cleaners, which are specifically marketed as the best tile and grout cleaning solution.  No matter the difference in their packaging and chemical make-up, they all have one thing in common – they are not even close to the best.  There will be a strongest, a weakest, and all concoctions in between, but when it comes to thorough and safe grout cleaning, The Grout Medic of Dallas-Fort Worth offers the optimal solution.

The fact that you have more than one grout cleaning solution is telling.

For the purpose of this article, let’s suppose you have only two bottles of tile and grout cleaning products (though most homeowners have more).  Let’s imagine those bottles are half-empty.  What this tell us, is that you tried solution #1, but it fell short of your expectations.  So, you purchased bottle #2.  You have also tried this cleaner, which may or may not have been better than the first.  If it were better, then why keep solution #1.  If the first one you purchased was superior to the second, why do you still have #2?  This scenario is repeated in households across America, and this is what leads to our accumulating various cleaners for various uses, many of which fall short of our expectations.

Our grout cleaning will improve your own!

The Grout Medic of Dallas-Fort Worth’s professional grout cleaning will help you eliminate the need for multiple household cleaner purchases.  We will help you free up storage space by reducing the number of well-meaning grout and tile cleaning products kept therein.  When you hire us to clean your grout, you will see that nothing blasts away stains and discoloration like our steam cleaning system.  But more than that, our steam is heated to about 310°F, which provides disinfection too!  Spray cleaners might take stains from the surface of your grout and tile, but they cannot get into your porous grout to eliminate contaminants, like mold and mildew.  The Grout Medic’s grout cleaning service can!  Once your tile and grout are thoroughly cleaned, we will apply a penetrating grout sealer.  This sealant will act as a protective barrier for your grout to resist future staining and contamination, even in high-use spaces.  It will also allow you to clean your grout regularly without the need for harsh chemicals or extensive scrubbing.  A pH-balanced cleaner and soft sponge are all you will need until it’s time for a professional cleaning again!

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