Important Grout Repair Questions

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The Grout Medic of Dallas-Fort Worth knows all there is to know about grout, good and bad.  Many of you have grout repair questions.

It’s no strange phenomenon that home and business owners are scouring the Internet to learn about repairing things throughout their properties. Some of the most contentious areas of disrepair can be tiled surfaces.  These quandaries create the foundation on which The Grout Medic was built.  Have you ever felt like keeping your grout lines looking great takes a lot of time and effort?  While tile is long-lasting, grout can be less so.  Even mixtures that are rated to last for 20 years often fail before their time is up.  But what if your grout is new?  Why are you seeing early failure?  The Grout Medic of Dallas-Fort Worth has the answers to these important grout repair questions!

1.  Why is my new grout cracking?

Grout that is new yet failing, is likely a result of an improper mixture.  When grout receives too much liquid in the original mix, it can begin to crack and crumble in short order.  Grout curing involves evaporation of the liquids (water, polymer) that were used to mix it.  When excessive evaporation takes place, you might notice tiny holes, which then lead to fissures and crumbling.  All grout formulas must be mixed precisely to instruction before application.  Grout should also be sealed after curing for added protection and easier cleaning.

can I put new grout over my old grout?

2.   Can you add more grout after it dries?

As stated above, the process of grout curing sees liquids evaporating, which leaves behind what should be a solid, water-resistant finish.  If holes or cracks develop, adding more grout on top of new grout after it dries is not recommended.  This is because the addition of grout will not correct the underlying issue.  It will not make the bad grout better.  Adding more grout on top of cured grout simply creates two layers of grout.  You will also find that the new grout does not adhere well to the existing.  The Grout Medic offers grout repair in Dallas Fort Worth, and if you have new grout, which is showing holes, cracking, or damage, we will be happy to evaluate it to diagnose a proper repair solution.

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