Is grout repair different than regrouting?

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If you have started to notice that you have crumbling, cracked, or stained grout, you might be asking whether you need grout repair.  Or is it regrouting?

The grout rejuvenation services at The Grout Medic of Dallas-Fort Worth are second to none.  We receive many calls and emails pertaining to these services.  Some folks wonder if there is an actual difference in our regrouting and grout repair services?

What constitutes grout repair in Dallas Fort Worth?

Our Dallas Fort Worth grout repair is the same as regrouting, but on a smaller scale.  For instance, if your tiled surface has undergone impact damage or if your grout is just beginning to show its age in one area, The Grout Medic of Dallas-Fort Worth can address it.  We can remove the area of damaged grout – and tile if necessary – and replace it anew.  It takes a sure hand and ample experience in grout repair to properly remove even a small section of grout.  So, if you are thinking about performing your own grout repair in Dallas Fort Worth, consider calling on The Grout Medic first.  We have recovered many well-meaning clients’ failed DIY grout and tile repair projects.  You can eliminate the likelihood of such a failure by leaving it all to the experts instead.

How is regrouting different than grout repair in Dallas Fort Worth?

Regrouting is the same as grout repair, except that it means removing all the grout throughout your tiled surface and replacing it with new grout.  A full regrouting project lends itself to even higher chances of failure if you mean to do it yourself.  Even with proper instruction from a grout and tile professional, it is unlikely that a weekend warrior regrouting project will yield professional results.  It is not only important that the grout be properly removed from your tile edges, but regrouting large surfaces takes an experienced hand.  Many DIY regrouting projects end in dreaded circumstances, like lumpy, uneven grout, gout that does not set properly due to a poor mixture, or even grout haze on the surface of the tile.  You can guarantee to avoid all those DIY regrouting pitfalls by counting on the highly-trained and experienced regrouting professionals at The Grout Medic of Dallas-Fort Worth.

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