How do I know how much tile repair work I need?

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If you have broken, missing, or shifting tiles, The Grout Medic of Dallas-Fort Worth can offer the best solution.

Because not all tile is the same, recommended tile repairs will also vary.  But it’s not just the type, style, or placement of your tile that makes it unique.  When it comes to damage, every situation also has its exclusive set of repair solutions.  For this reason, The Grout Medic offers a complimentary in-home or business tile repair consultation.  These are the things that will dictate our recommendations for your tile repair in Dallas-Fort Worth.

Tile repair in Dallas-Fort Worth by The Grout Medic

The Grout Medic will examine your tiled surface, noting things, such as tile breakage or hairline cracks, hollow-sounding tiles, and grout breakage too.  All of these things play into our tile repair recommendations.  The final recommendation might only be that we put one broken tile together again.  It might include lifting and re-securing any loosening tiles.  Your tile repair recommendation might also include grout repair or a total grout revitalization with our professional regrouting service.  Our goal is to provide the most thorough and long-lasting solution your money can buy.

tile repair company near me Dallas Fort Worth

The Grout Medic’s tile repair service will rejuvenate your tile’s appearance and durability.

Of course, it is essential that your Dallas-Fort Worth tile repair service provides an attractive result.  For instance, if you are averse to even the slightest visual blemishes, we might recommend replacing your broken tile with a new one instead of piecing it back together.  If we are to repair your surrounding grout, you will have a choice of a small repair or total regrouting service.  What is also important, is that your repaired tiled surface will be durable for years to come.  It is important, because tile that is on your high-traffic floor will receive a lot of impact after the repair is complete.  For bath and shower tile, we must be sure that the entire surface if properly fortified against potential future water seepage.  These are two important reasons you should trust The Grout Medic of Dallas-Fort Worth to perform your repair service – professional repairs are only way to truly achieve professional results.

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