Regrouting Dallas Fort Worth: Don’t replace your tile – resuscitate it!

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With more time at home, you have probably noticed that your high-traffic tiled areas are becoming worn, even damaged.  Don’t consider replacing your tile before speaking with The Grout Medic about our professional regrouting in Dallas Fort Worth.

Over the last two months, many homeowners across the country have spent more time at home than ever before.  This has sparked a flurry of decluttering and springtime cleaning projects.  With how-to videos popping up about all sorts of DIY tasks, like grooming your dog, and even cutting your own hair, The Grout Medic of Dallas-Fort Worth implores you not to undertake a home renovation project to replace your tile.  Aging grout is no reason to begin a total renovation.

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Regrouting in Dallas Fort Worth is easy with The Grout Medic on your side.

Fact is many homeowners choose to replace perfectly good tile due to unsightly grout, because they were unaware that their tile could be saved and restored to a beautiful finish.  The Grout Medic is here to tell you, our regrouting in Dallas Fort Worth will not revive your tiled surfaces – it will make them stronger and last longer!

If you are looking at grout that has chips, cracks, and is discolored beyond cleaning, it’s time to call The Grout Medic of Dallas-Fort Worth to discuss our professional regrouting service.  There are two things you should know about regrouting.

Never put new grout over old grout.

You might be tempted to just fill in the cracks along your grout lines with new grout.  However, adding new grout just will not work.  Your old grout will still continue to erode and crumble, which in turn, will create breaks in your new grout layer.  All old grout must be completely removed and replaced with new grout for proper adherence and protection of the structure behind your tiled surface – especially in showers and baths, where water can seep beneath.

Leave your Dallas Fort Worth regrouting to the professionals.

Though you might be tempted to go it alone in regrouting your tile, regrouting should be done by the professionals at The Grout Medic of Dallas-Fort Worth.  We are a grout-specialized company, with the proper training and tools to provide expert regrouting in Dallas Fort Worth.  Our grout and tile specialists are versed in any grout problem you might have and are equipped to renew the grout around your favorite tile without damage to the tile.  Our regrouting service will give you peace of mind – knowing that your new grout will look beautiful and last for many years to come.

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Are you ready to talk about your regrouting project in Dallas Fort Worth?  Contact The Grout Medic of Dallas-Fort Worth for your obligation-free grout regrouting evaluation.  Call 214-494-8749, or email

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