Why choose The Grout Medic for your grout cleaning in Dallas-Fort Worth?

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We know you have a choice in grout cleaning companies in Dallas-Fort Worth.  Here’s why you should call on The Grout Medic for all your grout cleaning projects.

Unsightly grout can be a point of stress.  Have you sprayed, scrubbed, and repeated, only to find that you are unable to dislodge dirt to eliminate your grout’s discoloration?  Does your shower or kitchen countertop never feel truly clean?  The Grout Medic of DFW can help you bring your grout back to its former glory with the best grout cleaning in Dallas-Fort Worth.

Our grout cleaning in Dallas-Fort Worth is perfect for any size project, and even the grimiest grout.

The Grout Medic of DFW can tackle any grout cleaning project.  Whether you require one area of cleaning or five, we want to be your first and only choice for grout cleaning in Dallas-Fort Worth.  Our proven grout cleaning process has worked for many home and business owners throughout DFW.  Even if you believe your grout’s extreme dirt build-up or discoloration is beyond cleaning, call us for a complimentary in-home consultation.  It only takes about a half-hour for us to scrutinize your tiled surfaces and give you an estimate for our professional grout cleaning service.

We’ll tell you if your grout requires more than cleaning.

Our grout and tile professionals will be able to determine whether your grout can be cleaned or should be replaced.  The great news is, we provide regrouting too!  If you require regrouting instead of cleaning, we will be pleased to provide a quote for that during your consultation.

Our Dallas-Fort Worth grout cleaning is safe and effective for any home or business.

The Grout Medic provides safe grout cleaning services in two ways.  First, our professional grout cleaning service uses green technologies, that are safe for your family and our environment.  Even our pre-treatment solution for very soiled grout and tile, is certified non-toxic for humans and pets.

The second way our grout cleaning is safe, is for your actual grout and tile.  Our green grout cleaning system expels a simple blast of water vapor to loosen and eliminate dirt and contaminants from deep within your grout and from the surface of your tile.  This blast is rated at a maximum 600psi and will not chip or break your grout.  Nor will it damage your precious tile.  We can clean any type or age of tile, safely and effectively, causing no harm.  You can trust your natural stone, ceramic, or porcelain tile to The Grout Medic and our tried and trusted grout cleaning solution.

We want to be your choice for grout cleaning in Dallas-Fort Worth!  Contact The Grout Medic of Dallas-Fort Worth for your obligation-free grout cleaning evaluation.  Call 214-494-8749, or email dfw@thegroutmedic.com.

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