What is the best grout cleaner?

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There are many lists available online, which tout the effectiveness of chemical grout cleaners.  What do those lists leave out?

When you peruse lists on housekeeping websites, which describe the supposed positive benefits of household cleaners, no mention is made about the potential damage they can cause.  For as long as we can all remember, we have been exposed to household cleaning chemicals.  Until recent years, we accepted their role in our daily lives.  These days, more families are looking for safer, yet effective cleaning solutions, and the grout and tile arena has a top-notch contender.

The Best Grout Cleaner Offered by the Best Grout Cleaning Company

In our experience, the best grout cleaner offered on the market is simple steam.  Note we didn’t say “opinion.”  The Grout Medic’s experience in caring for grout and tile tells us that steam is second to none for effectively cleaning grout – but moreover, safely cleaning tiled surfaces.  It will not damage your grout or tile.  It will not release noxious odors throughout your home, which can cause eye irritation and breathing problems – especially to children, asthma and allergy sufferers, and pets!  What does our steam grout cleaning release?  Well, that’s easy.  Our low-pressure steam cleaning system digs deep into your grout’s pores and forces out all contaminants therein.  We’re talking about dirt, skin oils, food spills, mildew, and mold!  What does our steam grout cleaner leave behind.  That’s easy too!  Beautiful, clean, healthy grout and tile.

What to Be Wary of on ‘Best Grout Cleaner’ Lists

Popular household cleaner brand names will be highly visible on “best of” lists.  What you will not see are ingredients.  These cleaners contain things like, polyacrylic acid, citric acid, lactic acid, and let’s not forget…good old-fashioned bleach.  What happens if you use these products over a long period of time and on a large scale, is they will eventually work to erode and weaken your grout lines.  There is a chance that they could more quickly cause discoloration in your grout.  This is because liquid cleaners will seep into your grout’s pores and become a veritable dirt magnet.  Conversely, these cleaners might discolor your grout or tile by bleaching them.  In bathrooms and kitchen sinks, your metal fixtures can be permanently corroded or discolored with harsh cleaners that are left to sit on, or are improperly rinsed.  When you know there is a better option than what is contained on “best grout cleaners” lists, you have the power to better care for your grout and tile.

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