Grout Cleaning Dallas-Fort Worth: What do we use to clean grout?

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The Internet is full of websites and information about recipe cheats and lifehacks.  The Grout Medic of Dallas-Fort Worth’s grout cleaning doesn’t have a secret sauce.  It doesn’t require any type of hack.

For many years now, The Grout Medic has solely focused on proper grout and tile care and repair services.  Our company was founded on the need for keeping tiled surfaces healthier for longer.  Our suite of services was built to facilitate homeowners and businesses being able to keep the tile they love for much longer and keeping that tile out of landfills.  Our grout cleaning service is perhaps the simplest solution we provide, and it’s no secret, you will love the beautiful results!

Grout cleaning Dallas Fort-Worth: It’s about what we do and do not use.

Web sleuths are asking, “How does The Grout Medic clean grout?”  Client calls and emails ask what types of cleaners we use to achieve the fantastically clean grout we are known for.  First of all, it’s about what we do not use.  The Grout Medic of Dallas-Fort Worth will never apply a harsh chemical cleaner to your grout and tile.  We do not come armed with fume-producing bleach or ammonia products, like those sold in stores.  We will not apply a lifehack solutions of baking soda and vinegar – or vinegar and dish detergent.  If your grout is extremely soiled, we will apply a pH-balanced, eco-friendly cleaning solution to loosen build-up.  If you are expecting to have to leave your home while we blast your grout and tile with commercial-grade, watery-eye-inducing chemicals, think again!  You can remain safely at home for the entirety of your grout cleaning service.

What we use for grout cleaning in Dallas-Fort Worth is simple.

When it comes to our professional grout cleaning service, tap water vapor is where it’s at!  Our small but mighty grout cleaning system will heat the tap water we fill it with, to about 310°F.  Once heated to the proper temperature, a steam vapor is produced, and will be applied to every inch of your dirty grout and tile.  It’s not the same kind of water blast you get from a power washing machine.  If are considering trying to clean anything inside your home with a power washer, The Grout Medic of Dallas-Fort Worth is here to tell you – keep it outdoors.  Even electric models have an average of 1,500psi of pressure.  That is far more than is required.  Our grout cleaning machine employs 600-800 pounds per square inch of steam, which is just the right amount of pressure to get your grout and tile clean, but without leaving damage behind.  Conversely, if you are considering using your everyday steam mop to try cleaning your shower walls, though they produce steam, there is no pressure behind it to loosen the dirt that is deep within your grout.  Additionally, you risk spilling hot water from your machine if you tip it in any position other than upright – the way it is intended.

Are you ready for beautifully-clean grout and tile throughout your home? Our grout cleaning Dallas Fort-Worth is the solution you need. Contact The Grout Medic of Dallas-Fort Worth for your obligation-free evaluation.  Call 214-494-8749, or email

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