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The Grout Medic of Dallas-Fort Worth is the company to call if you require grout cleaning, grout sealing, or grout repair services in McKinney, Texas. We can restore the tile and grout in your bathroom or kitchen to a like-new condition in as little as one day. The Grout Medic’s steam cleaning technology can make even the dirtiest grout look brand new. New clients can take advantage of a complimentary consultation. Simply give us a call at (214) 494-8749 to set up a time for your appointment.

McKinney Tile and Grout Cleaning and Grout Sealing: Take as Little Time as Necessary

Just how long would you say it takes to clean grout on your own? If you want the job done right, expect to spend at least two weekends on it, and you still might not be satisfied with the results. Most of the cleaning products people will tell you to use are quite abrasive and will ruin your grout and tile. Grout pens are another thing you can be suggested. Although these pens claim to “clean” your grout, in actuality, they only disguise the issue and let it continue to worsen.

If you need grout cleaning and sealing in McKinney, TX, don’t give in to the temptation of fast fixes or do-it-yourself methods that can be more damaging than helpful. Get high-temperature, low-pressure steam to thoroughly clean the grout in your bathroom or kitchen. When you call The Grout Medic of Dallas-Fort Worth, they will come out and remove the bacteria, mold, and mildew from your grout as well as any contaminants and dirt that has become embedded there due to repeated use and worn sealants. After we are done with our cleaning, we will then seal the grout. After waiting 24 hours for the process to cure, the tiled surfaces can be used without issue.

There are Several Good Reasons You Should Get Your Grout Sealed

Grout is not watertight even though it is a hard surface. It’s permeable, and its sole purpose is to keep your tile from moving around. To keep water and other potentially harmful elements out and safeguard your family from illness, you’ll need some sort of barrier. For optimal cleanliness, you should have your grout professionally deep cleaned on occasion, much like your carpet. Plus, a waterproof sealer helps extend the time between grout cleanings. While the grout sealants from The Grout Medic are rated to last up to 20 years, it is advised that tiles be resealed every 2 years due to normal wear and maintenance. Don’t leave your grout unprotected.

Do You Need Grout Repair in McKinney, Texas?

In case you need grout repairs in McKinney, TX, The Grout Medic of Dallas-Fort Worth is here to assist you. Our professionals have all received in-depth training in the best methods for fixing tile and grout. To ensure the new grout will adhere properly, workers first remove the old, damaged grout and thoroughly clean the area. A polymer-enhanced grout will be utilized to ensure an exact match during this procedure. Your tiled surfaces will be usable once the grout has dried.

Are you ready to see the difference The Grout Medic can make in your home or business, with professional McKinney, TX grout cleaning, and sealing? Contact us for your obligation-free, in-person evaluation. Call 214-494-8749, or fill out our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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